General Privacy Policy

General Anonymity

The laboratory at UCSD and UNIFESP respects our user’s privacy. Projects which require a login will store certain user information on our servers, most notably email address and google user ID information. The lab may contact users who have logged into our apps, but we will do so only regarding important information about the systems or software as utilized by those logins, or other important lab information. Projects that do not require a login offer users 100% anonymity unless otherwise stated in a more specific privacy policy for single apps alone. As of this time, the only exception to this general laboratory privacy policy is for the Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 project. This policy can be found at: All other apps are covered by this privacy policy.

Users should be aware that various aspects of the internet itself leave evidence of all of your your activity behind, although this is typically unavailable to the public and is extremely difficult to piece together. Thus while your service provider (or our state security and surveillance apparatus, for example the NSA and FBI) might certainly be able to piece together *all* of your online activity including your use of apps, anyone else normally can not. (But your employer can possibly determine what URLs you are connecting to when using your workplace network, just fyi.) We recommend that users of any computing equipment or mobile devices use access codes or other security features afforded by their personal devices.