Walkingtools Applications

  • Digichotomy is a mixed reality platform for exploring the intersection between the physical and social worlds that surround us, and the world physical and social worlds of the massively multilayer online environment Second Life. Digichotomy uses walkingtools source code to facilitate the transmission of GPS coordinates into Second Life. It is released under the AGPL.

  • HiperGps is a software tool that allows content creators to easily associate media with geographic coordinates in mobile phone applications. With HiperGps, you can create your own GPS guided tours that deliver image and audio content when users arrive at particular locations, providing a fully open source solution for creating interpretive guided tours or poetic or expressive locative content. It is a standard part of the WalkingToolsGpx API. It is released under the AGPL.
    Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/walkingtoolsgpx/
    SVN: http://svn.alt-bit.org/trunks/projects/wtgpx/