Projects developed with walkingtools:

  • The Walkingtools Reference APIs
    The Walkingtools Reference APIs consist of three interrelated API packages intended to support walking art projects. Includes HiperGeo and HiperGps.
  • Digichotomy is a mixed reality platform for exploring the intersection between the physical and social worlds that surround us, and the world physical and social worlds of the massively multilayer online environment Second Life. Digichotomy uses walkingtools source code to facilitate the transmission of GPS coordinates into Second Life. It is released under the AGPL.
  • Walk with Me: Brother can you spare some time?
    by Steve Durie, Brett Stalbaum, Geri Wittig, A software mediated, simultaneous walking performance for SubZERO (2009)
  • The Transborder Immigrant Tool, which is in fact the project for which a few of the “widgets” that are part of the reference APIs were originally authored. TBT (sometimes TBTool or TIT) is a safety tool to assist lost desert travelers find water or other lifesaving resources, and is just as equally a political response to a US immigration policy that has created deadly conditions for immigrants for no other reason than the emotional requirements of those who hate the immigrants, but at the same time are addicted to their labor.