Walkingtools APIs

What is a Walkingtools API?

There can be many APIs associated with the Walkingtools project. Indeed, this is one of the goals of walkingtools project! If you are developing an API that uses the WalkingTools Gpx Extensions, then it is a Walkingtools API, and we will support your project by providing a forum for sharing information about it, and communicating its uses. We are particularly interested in promoting art projects produced with any Walkingtools API. Please read the About Walking Tools section for more information. Following is a list of currently available Walkingtools APIs.

The Walkingtools Reference APIs

The Walkingtools Reference API’s (released under AGPL) consist of many interrelated API packages intended to support walking art projects:

  • WalkingToolsGpx is a java (J2SE) api data access layer for parsing GXP data. It is a reference API for the WalkingTools XML extensions for GPX, which can be found here: http://www.walkingtools.net/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/0/0/6/walkingtools.xsd. Also in the WalkingToolsGpx API is HiperGps, a desktop editor that assists in developing walking tours.
  • Walkintools Android is an Android API that provides much the same as the older J2ME Apis did, including a very useful compass widget and other utilities for producing walking oriented applications for the Android platform. http://sourceforge.net/projects/walkingtoolsgpx/
  • WalkingToolsJavaMe is a JavaMe (J2ME) API that provides applications, services and Displayables. The Displayables (such as a compass and map interface) can be used to develop applications on mobile phones. Applications include GPS waypoint, tracklog and route followers, among other things. There is no bundle release for WalkingToolsJavaMe at this time. The source is available in an svn repository at http://sourceforge.net/projects/walkingtoolsgpx/, thank you to Sourceforge.
  • WalkingToolsServer is a JSP/Servlet API that provides online services to WalkingToolsGpx and WalkingTooksJavaMe. This API is the basis of hipergeo.net

Digichotomy APIs.

Digichotomy is a mixed reality platform for exploring the intersection between the physical and social worlds that surround us, and the world physical and social worlds of the massively multilayer online environment Second Life. Digichotomy uses walkingtools source code to facilitate the transmission of GPS coordinates into Second Life. It is released under the AGPL.