Palestra sobre Earth Computing com Brett Stalbaum (UCSD)

Palestra: Earth Computing com Brett Stalbaum (University of California, San Diego)

Segunda-feira dia 26/10/2015 às 10:00 no Laboratório de Artes Cinemáticas (LabCine) da Universidade Mackenzie. Acesso gratuito.

Following up on the seminal work of late 1990s/early 2000’s Silicon Valley theory collective “C5 Corporation”, Stalbaum will discuss a a number of legacy projects that speculated on the literal return of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to the actual landscapes from which that data was derived, in order to produce new kinds of co-agency between big data and human experience as performance art “in the wild”. Under the banner of “Earth Computing”, the laboratory (UNIFESP/UCSD) is exploring how today similar data may return to that landscape in an even more literal way: through distributed computing and the property of “data locality” inherent in contemporary compute platforms such as Hadoop. Indeed, not only through data locality, but through solar power and the literal placement of compute power in the landscape itself, all as a way to explore new options for land art and performance art.

Brett Stalbaum is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) where he also coordinates the Interdisciplinary Major in Computing and the Arts (ICAM). Currently he is working on the concept of “Earth Computing” in the bi-national UNIFESP/UCSD Walkingtools.netlaboratory (with co-PI Cicero Inacio da Silva.).