Walkingtools Laboratory Mixer, 7/2/2015

The annual planning and business meeting of the Walkingtools Laboratory (Universidade Federal de São Paulo – University of California San Diego – Universidade Mackenzie) will take place in Miami Florida 6/30/2015 to 7/3/2015. Interested government or private industry partners are invited to attend the public mixer session (no host) at Smith & Wollensky, 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Florida from 3PM to 6PM on July 2nd. (7/2/2015.) Topics include, University/Government relations, Personal Satellite (or Cubesat) Policy under the International Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (Outer Space Treaty), 8K and 16K resolution cinema and scientific data visualization, Remote Site and Equipment Management, Remote Personal Power Generation, Remote Sensing in Failed Subdivisions, Computational Earth Systems, GIS Analytics, Paraguay, Comparative Zoning and Environmental Regulations, Lusophone Nations not party to the Outer Space Treaty, Human Wayfinding Cognition and its Implications for Abandoned Properties, Abandoned Properties in Space and on the Antarctic Continent, Platted Lands Management and Policy, Antiquated Subdivision Rezoning, and Reclaiming the Aesthetics of Subdivided Lands. This communications initiative is part of the laboratory’s outreach efforts to connect with stakeholders or others with related concerns. Walkingtools Laboratory leadership will be available for conversation and agenda development with any potentially interested partners. Ask the greeter for our location, or check with the bartender.

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