Palestra sobre Earth Computing com Brett Stalbaum (UCSD)

Palestra: Earth Computing com Brett Stalbaum (University of California, San Diego) Segunda-feira dia 26/10/2015 às 10:00 no Laboratório de Artes Cinemáticas (LabCine) da Universidade Mackenzie. Acesso gratuito. Following up on the seminal work of late 1990s/early 2000’s Silicon Valley theory collective “C5 Corporation”, Stalbaum will discuss a a number of legacy projects that speculated on […]

Live Tattoo Performance Class @ VisArts UCSD

Brett Stalbaum, a VisArts Professor, will be tattooed live during a Art & Technology class by Breno Bitarello Sad, a Visiting Scholar from Brazil and a Ph.D. candidate at Mackenzie University, where he is being advised by former VisArts Lecturer Jane de Almeida. Breno’s work deals with the biotech tattoos that are under development by […]