Big changes coming to the old HiperGps project

As noted over at our sourceforge page, we will soon be abandoning the J2SE swing user interface, meaning that support for editing projects to be deployed by usb cable to older Symbian phones is also concluding. We will soon remove the download, and make the preferred way to access HiperGps, now renamed HiperGeo, the Web […]

Walkingtools workshop @ Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), 2012

Brett Stalbaum and Cicero Silva promoted a Walkingtools workshop at UFRN from Aug 20th to 24th at the Dez Dimensões seminar. Take a look at the pictures: Video from a project developed by students showing Graffitis in Natal located by latitude and longitude. Description (in portuguese): Projeto Walking Grafite. Pensamos como projeto para essa oficina […]

Palestra de Brett Stalbaum na Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) em 2012

Video streaming by Ustream Texto estabelecido por Cicero Inacio da Silva Gostaria primeiramente de agradecer a todos e principalmente à organização do evento. Vou iniciar adicionando uma camada de história da arte ao que se convencionou chamar “mídias locativas”. Normalmente eu apresento esse pensamento para meus estudantes de graduação e de pós-graduação (meus orientandos)na UCSD […]

Walkingtools workshops in Brazil

The walkingtools system is being used in Brazil by artists to discuss locative media and locative art. David da Paz is one of the leading artists that is producing a lot of very interesting works using locative media devices. Take a look at these very cool videos: Parangolé Soundsystem Narrativas cartográficas