A Modular Framework / Un Marco Modular

A Modular Framework / Un Marco Modular CURATED BY EDUARDO NAVAS NOVEMBER 9 TO DECEMBER 17, 2010 CENTRO CULTURAL DE ESPAÑA EL SALVADOR Calle La Reforma #166, Col. San Benito San Salvador, EL SALVADOR

FBI has ended the “investigation” of the March 4th, 2010 VR Sit-In performance.

The message below is from Ricardo Dominguez. The long, absurd story of (take your pick below) is finally (probably) over. The walkingtools.net project (APIs on which the Transborder Immigrant Tool is based) is relieved that this sad affair is (seemingly) over. It was either: 1) A brazen attempt by UCSD and UCOP to squelch the […]