Transborder Immigrant Tool project lead story on Launch of Glenn Beck’s new website!

The TB Project is proud of this. The inaugural front page story on Glenn Beck’s new “news” site. I will say a nice thing about Beck, the “reporting” on the project (which really isn’t news or reporting – we were not contacted for input so make no mistake, there is not any kind of journalism […]

AVC Burke responds on August 25th

Though clearly circumstantial, mounting evidence indicates that UCSD Audit & Management Advisory Services attempted to obscure the release of “Use of Resources Investigation – Transborder Immigrant ToolAMAS Audit Project 2010-75” from both the subjects of the investigation and by extension, the media. The report concluded “that neither University funds nor effort were used inappropriately during […]

Failure to distribute Transborder Immigrant Tool Audit report to the subjects of the investigation

Dear AVC Stephanie Burke, ( I was surprised to find, through a media source, that the audit investigation of the Transborder Immigrant Tool project initiated back in January of 2010 has long since been completed. Apparently your office produced a final report sometime in July. According to these media sources, the project was found to […]

UCSD Police Report released (to me)

I had promised I would release the police report regarding my statement as soon as I had it. I regret that I am unable to do so until I have better legal clarity about whether releasing it would violate any laws. For now, what I have reported about our conversation will have to do. But […]