Here Not There: San Diego Art Now

Robert Pincus (San Diego Union Tribune Art Critic) review of “Here Not There: San Diego Art Now” at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art (La Jolla) curated by Lucia Sanroman. The exhibition features many works by UCSD affiliated artists and projects, including the Transborder Immigrant Tool. Lucia Sanroman

Why I made a formal statement to the UCSD Police

Brett Stalbaum at UCSD Police Department to out himself over virtual sit-ins 7/21/2010 (Image: Paula Poole) “I hope you agree that our tradition of view-point neutral application of policies governing professional conduct by faculty and staff is one of the great strengths we rely on to demonstrate our commitment to the public good.” University of […]

Brett Stalbaum @ Critical Code Studies @ USC

Brett Stalbaum @ Critical Code Studies @ USC July 23, 2010 Hosted by The Center for Transformative Scholarship & The Institute for Multimedia Literacy I will be presenting the source code for the Transborder Immigrant Tool. I will show how the facts of the source code itself have not been part of the public discussion […]