The criminalization of mobile Research?

The recent threats from Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe to bring criminal charges against climate researchers is just another sign that academic freedom is increasingly viewed as threat to the right wing agenda. Our experience with the Transborder Immigrant Tool research project is demonstrating more of the same. The TBTool project is designed to produce a […]

Duncan Hunter’s Response

March 19, 2010 Mr. Brett O. Stalbaum Dear Brett: Thank you for making me aware of your thoughts regarding my recent San Diego Union Tribune commentary. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you, especially given your personal interest in the Transborder Immigrant Tool. As you recall from my commentary, I believe state taxpayers should […]

AP Video on Transborder Immigrant Tool Project

We never saw this video when it aired, at least I did not. By way of update, we have been in touch with John Hunter and are working in the field with data that Water Station Inc. has provided us. We are testing the tool in the field, and implementing changes to the software based […]

Commentary on TBTool in San Diego Union Tribune

The principle collaborators on the Transborder Immigrant Tool Project were invited to write an op-ed for the San Diego Union Tribune. Which we did. I was surprised by Congressman Duncan D. Hunter’s response to our op-ed, which can be viewed at: Congressman Duncan D. Hunter (although there is some ambiguity in the UT, […]