Walkingtools and HiperGps projects @ Technological Nomadisms (Buenos Aires)

Wendy Chun (Brown University) and Cicero Inacio da Silva (CRCA/Walkingtools-HiperGps projects) talking about Technological Nomadisms in Buenos Aires.

Walkingtools at Mapping the Desert, Deserting the Map, Wonder Valley CA, Oct 22-25 2009

HiperGps will be utilized as a platform for spatially distributing sound at the “Mapping the Desert, Deserting the Map” project organized by Dick Hebdige and Lisa Tucker in Wonder Valley CA, Oct 22-25 2009. During the course of the weekend, the HiperGps platform will be deployed to produce individual and/or collaborative audio geo-annotations and route-based […]

Walkingtools and HiperGPS in Buenos Aires

Technological Nomadisms International Symposium – October 19-20, 2009 Academic coordination: Giselle Beiguelman and Jorge La Ferla Organized by Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Buenos Aires) and Sergio Motta Institute (São Paulo) 10.19.09, 6.30 pm Software Studies: Frontiers, Territories, Spaces and Subjectivity in the Culture of Mobility Cicero Inacio da Silva Associate research at the Center for Research […]