(Teaching) Dick Hebdige: Mapping the Desert, Deserting the Map

A walkingtools HiperGps workshop will be part of the following class: Course Title: Mapping The  Desert, Deserting the Map Instructor: Dick Hebdige Units:2 undergraduate credit or INT 201MD for graduate credit. Students from other campuses may register by Simultaneous Enrollment for undergraduate credit or via the Intercampus Exchange Program for graduate credit. Please see http://www.registrar.ucsb.edu/Intercampus.htm#sim-enroll […]

New! Guide to Creating Guided GPS Media Tours with the HiperGps Production Tool

Guide to Creating Guided GPS Media Tours with the HiperGps Production Tool including deployment example for typical iDen handsets Alpha Version 0.0.5 This guide explains how to use HiperGps to create your own GPS Media Tours for JavaME/Location API (GPS enabled) handsets. It documents most of the features in a “manual” format, and provides a […]

WalkingToolsGpx 0.0.5 with HiperGps and HiperGeo available for download

The new version features many bug fixes and new features, but the most interesting new feature is that HiperGps can now be used to upload your walks to the experimental HiperGeoOnline database. 0.0.5 change log: * HiperGeoOnline allows for uploading and sharing of projects (highly experimental…) * Duplicate waypoints in imported gpx files were causing […]

Lançada para download a versão WalkingToolsGpx 0.0.5 com HiperGps e HiperGeo

A nova versão conta com melhorias em alguns bugs e algumas novas ferramentas. A partir da versão 0.0.5 o sistema HiperGps pode fazer o upload de suas caminhadas na base de dados experimental HiperGeoOnline através de conexão à Internet. Site do projeto HiperGeo (muito experimental….): http://computingarts.ucsd.edu/~bstalbaum/hipergeoonline log das alterações importantes realizadas na versão 0.0.5: * […]