Earth Computing Workshop @ Calzona Collective Earth Computing Initiative (UCSD)

Last week (Aug 30 to Sep 1st) the Calzona Collective Earth Computing Initiative from UCSD hosted the Earth Computing Workshop at its Calzona site, in Calzona, California. + Brett Stalbaum (UCSD) and Cicero Inacio da Silva (UNIFESP) at the Calzona site.

Earth Computing Workshop

Join us in our new Earth Computing Workshop at our exploratory Calzona Lab this week! Our Lab is also on Google Maps!  

La red de sensores es la computadora (o por qué debes superar la idea de privacidad)

Por Brett Stalbaum y Cicero Inacio da Silva | #Boletín13 Como se sabe, una teoría conocida y clásica de la promesa no puede considerar una promesa malintencionada, perjudicial o maligna. Una promesa pertenece al género de las bendiciones. Solo puedo prometer el “bien”. No puedo prometerle a otro que voy a matarlo, robarle, mentirle o […]

Palestra sobre Earth Computing com Brett Stalbaum (UCSD)

Palestra: Earth Computing com Brett Stalbaum (University of California, San Diego) Segunda-feira dia 26/10/2015 às 10:00 no Laboratório de Artes Cinemáticas (LabCine) da Universidade Mackenzie. Acesso gratuito. Following up on the seminal work of late 1990s/early 2000’s Silicon Valley theory collective “C5 Corporation”, Stalbaum will discuss a a number of legacy projects that speculated on […]

Live Tattoo Performance Class @ VisArts UCSD

Brett Stalbaum, a VisArts Professor, will be tattooed live during a Art & Technology class by Breno Bitarello Sad, a Visiting Scholar from Brazil and a Ph.D. candidate at Mackenzie University, where he is being advised by former VisArts Lecturer Jane de Almeida. Breno’s work deals with the biotech tattoos that are under development by […]

Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App

From the University of California, San Diego: Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App Developed by UC San Diego Professor Brett Stalbaum Like all great public research universities, UC San Diego is home to a diverse faculty with a wide range of interests and points of view. On occasion, the research or creative works […]

Spontaneous Combustion HiperGeo-APP Spontaneous Combustion Residency 2014 A 2-week residency in England encouraged artistic exploration between body-related practices and the digital. Artist David Da Paz collaborated with four performance artists to produce a digital application for mobile devices. Audiences can interact with the performances using their own phones. The artists were selected through an open call, and […]

New projects with walkingtools platform

The brazilian walking artist David da Paz is realizing a series of digital art works using the walkingtools platform (android and the java GUI). David’s amazing works can be found here: . David developed a project called CartografictioONs for the Residencia Artropocode / Summer of Labs 2013 – Interseccións artísticas entre corpo(s), tecnoloxía(s) e […]

O Walkingtools Lab lança App para localizar perigosos proprietários de armas

O aplicativo Walkingtools Gun Geo Marker permite que pais e comunidade em geral possam marcar e georeferenciar potenciais e perigosos proprietários de armas. O Gun Geo Marker pode ser baixado na Google Play Store. Informações sobre o projeto podem ser acessadas aqui: Leia também os principais artigos publicados sobre o projeto: FOX News: […] supports new project: The Gun Geo Marker

The Walkingtools Gun Geo Marker allows community organizers and parents to mark the locations of known, dangerous gun owners. Information about the project can be found at: