Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App

From the University of California, San Diego: Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App Developed by UC San Diego Professor Brett Stalbaum Like all great public research universities, UC San Diego is home to a diverse faculty with a wide range of interests and points of view. On occasion, the research or creative works […] supports new project: The Gun Geo Marker

The Walkingtools Gun Geo Marker allows community organizers and parents to mark the locations of known, dangerous gun owners. Information about the project can be found at:

Timeout! HiperGeo implements pseudo-delete!

The wtserver portion of the project (a google cloud, GAE project) is now an experimental implementation of the Viktor Mayer-Schönberger Delete concept. In his 2009 book Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age, Mayer-Schönberger makes a case for the idea that some kinds of data and information should have an expiration date. Why? Because […]

HiperGeo app at Google Play

The HiperGeo app is online at the Google Play store. Take a look at O aplicativo HiperGeo já está on-line na Google Play. Clique aqui para download.

Big changes coming to the old HiperGps project

As noted over at our sourceforge page, we will soon be abandoning the J2SE swing user interface, meaning that support for editing projects to be deployed by usb cable to older Symbian phones is also concluding. We will soon remove the download, and make the preferred way to access HiperGps, now renamed HiperGeo, the Web […]

App de Psicogeografia na Google Play Store

O aplicativo de Psicogeografia Walkingtools já está disponível na Google Play App Store. O aplicativo Psicogeografia veio para te tirar de casa e fazer com que você explore cidades, bairros e parques com um único objetivo: fazer você ficar produtivamente perdido! Select a radius Psychogeo randomness Walk to the random place  

Walkingtools para Android

O projeto Walkingtools possui agora uma versão para Android – acesse o repositório sourceforge svn e comece a utilizar as novas ferramentas de localização e inserção de mídias georeferenciadas. Mais informações podem ser encontradas no svn, e aqui. Também vale dizer que o primeiro app na Google Play store está quase pronto!

Notas para desenvolvedores

SVN no sourceforge:[nome do projeto  – veja abaixo] Em 10 de abril de 2012, o repositório no sourceforge foi completamente refeito com o objetivo de remover arquivos que não tinham funcionalidade. Pedimos desculpas por isso e você vai ter que dar uma olhada nos arquivos novamente. Iniciado em agosto de 2011 (atualmente março de 2012), […]

It is in the Repo: Walkingtools for Android

The walkingtools project has its toes in the waters of Android – please refer to the sourceforge svn repository. More information can be found via svn, and here. Rumors have it, the first app the Google Play store is coming soon.

Walkingtools acquires C5 Landscape Database APIs

The project has acquired the C5 Landscape Database APIs utilized in the seminal The Other Path project (2001-2004) from the code archives of the now hibernating and possibly defunct art and theory company. The C5LSDB – among other features – encodes GIS  landscape data (digital elevation model files and more) into a relational database […]