Earth Computing Workshop @ Calzona Collective Earth Computing Initiative (UCSD)

Last week (Aug 30 to Sep 1st) the Calzona Collective Earth Computing Initiative from UCSD hosted the Earth Computing Workshop at its Calzona site, in Calzona, California. + Brett Stalbaum (UCSD) and Cicero Inacio da Silva (UNIFESP) at the Calzona site.

Earth Computing Workshop

Join us in our new Earth Computing Workshop at our exploratory Calzona Lab this week! Our Lab is also on Google Maps!  

Brett Stalbaum talk at UNIFESP (Brazil)

Brett Stalbaum, one of the founders of the project, will be delivering a talk at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) on Locative Media: a survey. The talk will be at the Brazil’s Open University Lab located at Paulista’s School of Medicine, at the heart of the city of São Paulo. When: Oct. […]

Walkingtools workshop @ Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), 2012

Brett Stalbaum and Cicero Silva promoted a Walkingtools workshop at UFRN from Aug 20th to 24th at the Dez Dimensões seminar. Take a look at the pictures: Video from a project developed by students showing Graffitis in Natal located by latitude and longitude. Description (in portuguese): Projeto Walking Grafite. Pensamos como projeto para essa oficina […]

Three upcoming exhibitions featuring the Transborder Immigrant Tool

Here Not There: San Diego Art Now Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla, Jun 06, 2010–Sep 19, 2010. City Centered, a festival of locative media and urban community sponsored by KQED Public Media and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco June 11-13 and workshop on the 19-20th. 2010 California Biennial at the […]

Walkingtools at Mapping the Desert, Deserting the Map, Wonder Valley CA, Oct 22-25 2009

HiperGps will be utilized as a platform for spatially distributing sound at the “Mapping the Desert, Deserting the Map” project organized by Dick Hebdige and Lisa Tucker in Wonder Valley CA, Oct 22-25 2009. During the course of the weekend, the HiperGps platform will be deployed to produce individual and/or collaborative audio geo-annotations and route-based […]

(Teaching) Dick Hebdige: Mapping the Desert, Deserting the Map

A walkingtools HiperGps workshop will be part of the following class: Course Title: Mapping The  Desert, Deserting the Map Instructor: Dick Hebdige Units:2 undergraduate credit or INT 201MD for graduate credit. Students from other campuses may register by Simultaneous Enrollment for undergraduate credit or via the Intercampus Exchange Program for graduate credit. Please see […]

New! Guide to Creating Guided GPS Media Tours with the HiperGps Production Tool

Guide to Creating Guided GPS Media Tours with the HiperGps Production Tool including deployment example for typical iDen handsets Alpha Version 0.0.5 This guide explains how to use HiperGps to create your own GPS Media Tours for JavaME/Location API (GPS enabled) handsets. It documents most of the features in a “manual” format, and provides a […]

VIDEO: More Projects in Diamantina developed with walkingtools and HiperGps / Mais Projetos desenvolvidos em Diamantina com walkingtools e HiperGps

onãodito – Fernando Senra e Julio Alessi (part 1) (part 2) Através do uso do GPS em telefones celulares, você pode descobrir segredos e vestígios de outras épocas que estão presentes na cidade de Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brasil. / Through the use of GPS in cell phones, you can discover secrets and remnants of other […]

Como utilizar o Gerenciador HiperGps

O gerenciador HiperGps foi desenvolvido para facilitar a criação de programas para celulares por artistas que queiram explorar e experimentar com tecnologias de geolocalização (GPS) na elaboração de seus projetos. Abaixo seguem algumas instruções para a manipulação, criação e execução dos programas criados pelo sistema. A imagem abaixo mostra a interface de navegação do sistema, […]