A Modular Framework: Beyond Tautological History Published!

EDT 2.0 is proud to have been part of this exhibition organized and curated by Eduardo Navas.

The catalog has just been published as a pdf at http://remixtheory.net/

Link to post: http://remixtheory.net/?p=1113

The pdf download link can be found there!

Transborder immigrant tool at A Modular Framework

TB Tool in San Salvador, El Salvador, 2010.

Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App

From the University of California, San Diego:
Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App Developed by UC San Diego Professor Brett Stalbaum
Like all great public research universities, UC San Diego is home to a diverse faculty with a wide range of interests and points of view. On occasion, the research or creative works developed by faculty may be quite controversial. This is especially true when a creative work takes on complex issues where the public has strong opinions.  We understand and acknowledge that, at times, the public may not agree with an individual’s views or tactics.  However, the university is built upon the principle of academic freedom for faculty members to direct their areas of creativity and inquiry. As a platform for innovative thought that may challenge the status quo, the university does not take positions on the political implications of its researchers’ work.University of California policies protect the academic freedom of our faculty within the confines of the law and the Faculty Code of Conduct.  The University does not endorse or support the violation of any law or University policy, and we take seriously our role as a public trust. When issues arise, we conduct a prompt review of all allegations of violations of law. Each campus of the University provides training regarding responsibilities of our employees, and has established processes by which complaints regarding allegations of misuse or illegal activity are reviewed to ensure adherence to state and federal law.

Spontaneous Combustion HiperGeo-APP


Spontaneous Combustion Residency 2014
A 2-week residency in England encouraged artistic exploration between body-related practices and the digital.
Artist David Da Paz collaborated with four performance artists to produce a digital application for mobile devices.

Audiences can interact with the performances using their own phones. The artists were selected
through an open call, and offer free rehearsal space during the two weeks of the residency. This is a creative
opportunity for artists to engage with new technologies and for audiences to integrate their everyday experience of the digital in experiencing art.

New projects with walkingtools platform

The brazilian walking artist David da Paz is realizing a series of digital art works using the walkingtools platform (android and the java GUI).

David’s amazing works can be found here: http://cartografictions.blogspot.com.es/ .

David developed a project called CartografictioONs for the Residencia Artropocode / Summer of Labs 2013Interseccións artísticas entre corpo(s), tecnoloxía(s) e ecoloxía(s) in Spain.

Joe Deegan has performed the first long form act of journalism on the Gun Geo Maker

A good article: in depth, balanced and thoughtful journalism.


Gun Geo Marker

Brett Stalbaum talk at UNIFESP (Brazil)

Brett Stalbaum, one of the founders of the Walkingtools.net project, will be delivering a talk at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) on Locative Media: a survey.

The talk will be at the Brazil’s Open University Lab located at Paulista’s School of Medicine, at the heart of the city of São Paulo.

When: Oct. 15h, from 10am to 1pm
Where: UNIFESP – São Paulo

KTVN News has the story (video)

Some balanced reporting by CBS reporter Chris Ciarlo.

O Walkingtools Lab lança App para localizar perigosos proprietários de armas

O aplicativo Walkingtools Gun Geo Marker permite que pais e comunidade em geral possam marcar e georeferenciar potenciais e perigosos proprietários de armas.

Gun Geo Marker
O Gun Geo Marker pode ser baixado na Google Play Store.

Informações sobre o projeto podem ser acessadas aqui:



Leia também os principais artigos publicados sobre o projeto:

FOX News: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/07/11/gun-geo-marker-app-tries-to-locate-homes-businesses-gun-owners/

NY Post: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/owners_android_app_allows_users_0hwgjVq88Yh5GRFnc1O0MM



Gun Safety App Draws Fire

Gun Safety App Draws Fire
By Marc Lallanilla, Assistant EditorDate: 11 July 2013 Time: 12:18 PM ET


Article in the NY Post about the Gun Geo Marker Project

New York Post, July 11th.